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Australia has a wide range and number of visas that it offers to people who wish to come to Australia for different purposes. Therefore, knowing which visa is the most suitable for you will depend entirely on your circumstances.

There are generally about 6 categories but these are not limited. The basic categories include the following:

Visitor visas – These are a common type of visa for individuals wishing to come to Australia for short visits for tourism or to visit family and friends.

Student & Graduate visas – Mainly for students wishing to study in one of Australia’s world class universities or well-reputed colleges or even schools. Graduate visas are for students who have completed their studies and wish to remain in Australia temporarily to obtain work experience or complete professional requirements. Graduate visas are a pathway to permanent migration if all the required conditions are met.

Skilled Migration visas – These visas are for individuals who wish to migrate to Australia based on their skills and occupation. In order to be eligible for these visas, one of the primary criteria is that your nominated occupation must be in demand in Australia and should be on the skilled occupation list.

Business Investor visas – For those wishing to invest in Australia whether in an existing business or to establish a new business, then this category is for you. Business investor and innovation visas can lead to permanent migration once your business interests have been established.

Family visas – If you have a family member like a spouse, parents or children that you would like to join in Australia, then you may be eligible for sponsorship by Australian family member who can sponsor you to live in Australia.

Corporate Sponsored visas – Should an Australian employer or company wish to recruit you in their business, they can sponsor you and your dependents, provided you meet all the required criteria.

Working-Holiday visas – These visas are limited to certain countries only and applicants have to fulfill certain requirements like age requirements and others.

Bridging visas – These are temporary visas that allow you to remain in Australia while your application for a substantive visa is being processed. In some instances, you are not permitted to travel if you are holding a bridging visa.

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